Friday, January 11, 2008


The knitting continued even though the blog has been idle. I've completed a second pair of socks, knit and felted two purses, read several knitting books, and I'm finally working on a hat for my son out of some really wild wool yarn.

I've started the Monkey socks but had to rip them back to the ribbing. For some reason, I kept getting off on the pattern. I let a few mistakes go by, but then it became obvious that I needed to begin again. In my youth I would have either charged on ahead or been too frustrated and put it away, maybe for good. Sometimes I would give whatever the project was to my mom and she would get me back on track. That was nice. Now I guess I can do that for myself. I'm in Michigan and she's in Florida.

We spent the Thanksgiving weekend in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan and on the way home we stopped at a cute yarn shop in Mackinaw City called Cynthia's. My DH came in with me and found yarn and a pattern for a felted oven mitt that he thought was totally cool. So that is on my to do list for him. I didn't realize that wool was naturally fire retardent. I also heard that repeated on EZ's DVD for one of the reasons she knits with wool, especially good for kid wear.

My son is on the HS swim team, so there will be time to work on some projects! I'll post some pictures.

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